Our story begins in the city of Mallorca

eWAve wants to act as a wave of innovation that helps diversify the local economy, Coworking team incubating projects focused on the use of technology or more socially considerate and traditional projects that solve problems for our local community. We aim to better the society around us and help Mallorca get that startup vibe similar to cities like Lisbon or Barcelona, and why not? We could even create the first Mallorcan Unicorn. Check our memberships! 

Take this wave with the team

We have a professional Angel Investor with lots of experience in different areas from technology to traditional businesses. An engineer who lived the whole startup dream, having been part of a small company that grew massively until becoming public (IPO). Finally, a local entrepreneur with both international startup experience, as well as more traditional local family business expertise. Visit us and get to know more about us and our projects. 

The Space

Wood, plants, and a beautiful terrace, all this only 100 meters from the sea. We are the first coworking in Palma de Mallorca that will give you the opportunity to practice your favorite water sports like surfing, kitesurfing, sailing, paddle, canoeing, and you will be able to enjoy over 10km of cycling on a trail with a sea view that passes right next to eWave. We want to help you accomplish a healthy work-life balance, that’s why we decided to have shower facilities both indoor and outdoor. Now you have no excuse to practice your favorite sport!

Friendly atmosphere full of networking options.

Meeting room and spaces suitable for your private meetings or video calls.

Wood, plants, and a beautiful terrace, all this only 100 meters from the sea. We are in Portixol.

We have different partners to offer you quality advantages. Arabay coffee, local wines, facilities for all our members.

Creative Idea

We believe that a healthy work life balance will boost your creativity, eWave is the perfect space for it.


At eWave we want to give as many perks as possible, in addition to the classic coffee, tea and water why not also ginger/curcuma shots, gastronomic events and referral gifts.

Creating an Ecosystem

To help eWave goals we are aware of the importance of creating community around it, we want to attract entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone knowledgable no matter what their background might be. To do so, we will create an ecosystem around it that will help encourage this connections.

Always looking for more Unique Talents

We want to create a nice community around us and give you access to special events, gastronomy groups, wine tasting, water sports, trekking, professional/wellbeing workshops, startup/innovation talks, investment opportunities, feedback sessions for your project/business, bio coffee and teas, healthy snacks, and drinks. Take advantage of it all!